Zimbabweans Relocate To Rural Areas As "Life In The City Gets Tougher"

3 years ago
Mon, 09 Mar 2020 06:57:15 GMT
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Zimbabweans Relocate To Rural Areas As "Life In The City Gets Tougher"

Some Zimbabweans are relocating to rural areas as city life gets tougher due to the deteriorating state of affairs.

Since twenty-four months ago, Zimbabwe started plunging into the deepest economic and humanitarian crisis of the decade.

The economy is hyperinflationary due to a number of issues including the shortage of foreign currency, fuel and power which all increase the cost of production.

The soaring inflation resulted in some companies closing while some retrenched workers as the cost of doing business now outweighed the business proceeds.

The inflation also eroded workers’ salaries so even those who retained their jobs can no longer afford basic commodities hence the decision to go to rural areas where “life is more affordable.”

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Others have crossed the country’s borders while others who contemplated doing so are being blocked by lack of passports.

The office of the registrar-general has a huge passport backlog which dates back to 2018, therefore, applicants have been stuck in the country.

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