Wandering Buffalo Kills Grandpa In Zaka

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Wandering Buffalo Kills Grandpa In Zaka

A Zaka man was on Wednesday attacked and killed by a stray buffalo after he had gone to take a bath at a nearby stream.

The deceased man was identified as Ephraim Chinyere (72) from Ngwaru village under Chief Ndanga near Muchechetere Secondary School.

The incident was confirmed by Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula. She said:

We have received information about a 72-year-old man who had gone out for a bath at the river and was attacked by a buffalo

He sustained deep cuts on the ribs and on the back and could have died due to excessive bleeding.

Reports indicate that Zaka police attended the scene where the buffalo was running amok and breaking tree branches.

The attack took place a few days after two buffalos were allegedly spotted in the Chiroma area near Bikita district.

It could not be ascertained where the killer buffalo came from but is it suspected that it escaped either from Kyle Recreational Park or from Devure Ranch.

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