Mwonzora Invites Police To "Have Peaceful Entry Into Harvest House, Flash Out Criminal Gang..."

3 years agoWed, 06 May 2020 19:38:01 GMT
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Mwonzora Invites Police To "Have Peaceful Entry Into Harvest House, Flash Out Criminal Gang..."

Reinstated Secretary-General of the opposition MDC, Douglas Mwonzora has written to the Zimbabwe Republic Police seeking their services as factionalism in the party is now fully entrenched and clearly pronounced.

In the letter, Mwonzora said that the party needs police assistance so as to have peaceful entry into Harvest House. Below is the letter in full.

The Officer Commanding

ZRP Harare District

Harare Central Police Station Harare Dear Sir,

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

Re: Request for Police Assistance at Morgan Tsvangirai House

We refer to the above subject matter. On the 31′ of March. 2020, the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe made a judgement in which it upheld the decision of the High Court on the leadership of the MDC. In particular, the ruling divested Advocate Nelson Chamisa of the leadership of the party and reinstated the leadership as elected at the MDC congress in 2014. In that reinstated leadership I hold the position of Secretary-General.

The Supreme Court went on to order Dr. Thokozani Khupe or Senator Morgen Komichi to convene an Extraordinary Congress within a maximum of 4 months starting, from the 31st of March 2020. In order to carry on the task of organizing for the Extraordinary Congress as ordered by the court, it is essential that we have access to the headquarters of the party at Morgan Tsvangirai House at 44 Nelson Mandela Avenue. This is to enable the leaders to have access to the facilities, records, databases and equipment such as computers and printers necessary for the effective organization of the congress.

Before the congress process starts we need to convene the meetings of the National Standing Committee. National Executive Committee and the National Council at the party headquarters. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 problem, we have lost a month already and we need to start work as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the previous administration has been keeping between 15 and 35 youths in the premises vowing to resist the occupation of the premises by the new leadership as confirmed by the Supreme Court. They are armed with all manner of crude weapons. In the face of the COVID 19 problem, they pose a serious health risk to members of the public. They also pose a serious health risk to our workers when the lockdown is over. We, therefore, need to fumigate the entire building before use of same.

The previous administration has promised violence in the event that we come to occupy the premises. In fact, they have sent their youths to threaten that there will be a “bloodbath” should we attempt to enter the building. We attach hereto copy of the newspaper article in the Newsday of the 18th of April, 2020. We have no reason to believe that they will not carry out their threats. A few years ago they tried to burn Dr Khupe in a but in Buhera during Dr. Tsvangirai’s funeral. Our administration wants to ensure that there is no violence that takes place which may lead to unnecessary injuries or loss of life. We therefore as a law abiding administration request for police assistance in this regard.

The specific assistance we need from the police is a s follows:

  1. Help us gain peaceful entry into the premises for purposes of preparing same as a safe and healthy working place.
  2. Flashing out the criminal gang occupying the premises. These are the youths who have been in the premises threatening violence.
  3. Helping with – sweeping” the premises so that they are free of any illegal or dangerous items.
  4. Maintaining law and order so that there are sr di .urhances during the fumigation exercise.
  5. Cordon the premises if need he where there is a threat of violence.
  6. Help us get entry into specific offices including the President, National Chairman. Secretary General, Organizing Secretary and Treasurer General’s office.
  7. Doing any other things that will help in the maintaining of law and order in the premises.

We intent to enter into thep)-emises in the morning of Friday, the 30th of April, 2020 so that our fumigation teams start wor . In anticipation of the lack of cooperation by the other panics we may engage the services of the locksmith in gaining entry into certain offices.

We will also appoint a small team to liaise with the police officers from time to time.

Attached to this letter find;

  • a. A copy of the Supreme Court Order in question
  • b. Copy of the judgement of the High Court
  • c. Newspaper article on the threatened violence.

We also have videos where the youths in question have threatened certain leaders of the party.

We anticipate your help.

Yours faithfully Douglas Togaraseyi Mwonzora ( Secretary General)



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