Zimbabwe Ranked 10th On Fragile States Index

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Zimbabwe Ranked 10th On Fragile States Index

Zimbabwe has been ranked 10th on the Fragile State Index (FSI) 2020 Rankings. The other top 10 countries include Yemen, South Sudan, Haiti, Somalia and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The report reads in part:

Zimbabwe is facing its worst humanitarian emergency in more than a decade. Food shortages are affecting 7.7 million people – more than half the population – as a result of successive poor harvests and hyperinflation. Cereal production last year was less than half the national requirement, and the 2020 harvest is expected to be even worse.

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti said Zimbabwe’s placement on the FSI is a sad indictment on President Emmerson Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Said Biti:

It is an indictment on the illegitimate regime that Zimbabwe has broken into the top ten on the Fragile State Index surrounded by basket cases such as Yemen, South Sudan, DRC, Haiti and Somalia. Decades of war and terrorism account for Failure in the majority of States.

Regrettably, for Zimbabwe, State failure and fragility is self-induced. A product of decades of predatory extractive leadership that has put patronage and power retention at the center of policymaking. Under Emmerson, lack of legitimacy, corruption and incompetence have pushed Zim to the brink.

In short ZANU PF has put an extreme premium on Zim s development. It has underdeveloped Zim and cost Zim 4 decades of development. With infrastructure inherited at independence, Zimbabwe ought to have flattened Development curve and pushed per capita income to US$10 000 by 2020.

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