"The Zimbabwean Regime Is Once Again Showing Its True Colors," - US Senate

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"The Zimbabwean Regime Is Once Again Showing Its True Colors," - US Senate

The United States Senate Foreign Relations Committee has condemned the harassment of members of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

The US demanded the release of the trio, Joannah Mamombe, Cecelia Chinembiri and Netsai Marowa. In a statement that was posted on Twitter on Thursday night, the US said:

The #Zimbabwean regime is once again showing its true colors by arresting its critics, denying them due process, and then not being able to account for their whereabouts. It is important the 3 women from the opposition MDC are found unharmed and provided access to their lawyers.

The trio was abducted during a flash protest in Warren Park and they were reportedly found early this morning after being badly beaten up and dumped at Muchapondwa shops in Musana, Bindura South.

Last year, a number of MDC officials and human rights defenders were abducted and tortured allegedly for planning to dislodge a constitutionally established government.

The TheUnited States and other countries criticised the government over the disappearance of citizens. Analysts said that Zimbabwe was soiling its image and was not prudent considering that it is on the course of engaging and reengaging the international community.

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