You Should Have Verified Yours Facts With Me Since Im Alive And Capable Of Clarifying Things First - Gono Reaches Out To Magaisa

3 years agoSun, 19 Jul 2020 06:47:43 GMT
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You Should Have Verified Yours Facts With Me Since Im Alive And Capable Of Clarifying Things First - Gono Reaches Out To Magaisa

The former RBZ Governor Gideon Gono reportedly reached out to Alex Magaisa after the latter’s exposé of the Farm Mechanisation Scheme Scandal that caused a media frenzy yesterday, The Sunday Mail reports.

Gono according to the publication showed them WhatsApp messages he sent to Dr Magaisa and some of the chats accuse Magaisa of not being thorough in his investigation and not getting his facts straight before putting pen to paper.  The chats from the former RBZ Chief to the firebrand lawyer reads:

My brother, your article of today is so unlike you to make such damning conclusions without checking and clarifying with the one man (alive) who was in charge of the RBZ-driven Farm Mechanisation Programme 2007/8.

I thought that since I’m alive and surely capable of enlightening anyone with interest in matters that happened under my watch … a simple phone call or WhatsApp to verify the authenticity and background to the issues of your interest would have served everyone from all the wrong interpretations and erroneous, defamatory conclusions contained in your BSR.

You are usually very careful with your facts and I wonder what happened here? Anyway, I hope that you will have the courage to tell your readers the facts of the matter as I shall put them down and apologise for tarnishing their images before getting all the facts that allow anyone to form their own opinions.

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Out of civility and good courtesy, I will share with you the true facts then you will see how wrong your assertions of fraud, corruption and looting are. On this one, you definitely got your facts wrong. I unsuccessfully tried to reach you earlier when I saw the article.

It is still not clear if the messages were delivered, responded to or seen by Magaisa and the publication did not disclose such information.

Meanwhile, social media is still discussing the scandal in great detail and linking it to many things that have bedevilled the country over the last decade and a half.

More: The Sunday Mail. 



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