Police Warn People Encouraging Security Services To Disobey Their Commanders

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Police Warn People Encouraging Security Services To Disobey Their Commanders

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned some unscrupulous individuals against using social media to urge security forces to disregard orders from their superiors as they maintain law and order in the country.

In a statement on Tuesday, police said they have noted that individuals spreading the potentially subversive messages online were using foreign numbers to avoid detection. The statement said:

The security services, especially the Zimbabwe Republic Police, the Zimbabwe National Army, Air Force of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Prison Correctional Services have noted with concern the recent social media posting urging members to disregard lawful orders, commands and instructions given by their commanders while performing duty.

The unsolicited messages are meant to cause alarm, despondency and divide the security services in the performance of their constitutional responsibilities.

While investigations are in progress, the security services are therefore strongly warning these dubious characters who are even using cell phone numbers with foreign codes to peddle hatred and incite violence among Zimbabweans.

Officers and members are urged to remain resolute and continue to enforce Covid-19 regulations meant to protect Zimbabweans from the deadly pandemic.

At the same time, we urge security members to be exemplary as they conduct their duties and comply with all Covid-19 measures put in place by the government for the health and safety of all.



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