Police Dogs Maul Beitbridge Man

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Police Dogs Maul Beitbridge Man

A 40-year- old-man from Beitbridge was mauled by police dogs while he was going to the shops to buy food for his family.

A group of police officers who were enforcing lockdown regulations in the border town set dogs on Edmond Chimusoro Zeyazeya as they chased after illegal foreign currency dealers.

Zeyazeya’s sister-in-law Eugenia Makura told CITE that he left home for a legitimate errand when the incident occurred. She said:

He left home in the morning around 8 to buy food for the children at the Engine garage, one of the children had said they wanted Chicken Inn.

He said when he got to the Engine garage he met the police who were on an operation when he saw them he was and he tried to move away.

Zeyazeya sustained deep wounds on his calf from the dog attack and the police officers later took him to hospital.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the case is under investigation.

That case is under investigation, we are quite aware there was an incident yesterday in Beitbridge where people were contravening Covid-19 regulations.

They were approached by officers, they tried to run away and unfortunately, one of them was bitten by a police dog and the case is currently under investigation

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