Here Are Some Takeaways From Tagwirei And Mliswa's Leaked Audio

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Here Are Some Takeaways From Tagwirei And Mliswa's Leaked Audio

A leaked audio recording of a phone call between controversial businessman Kuda Tagwirei and Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has revealed a few things about what people close to President Emmerson Mnangagwa think of his key appointments.

A Twimbo using the Twitter handle @SteveZwitter has picked up a number of things Tagwirei and Mliswa’s conversation has revealed. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Kuda Tagwirei is President Mnangagwa’s nephew
  • Temba Mliswa is Tagwirei’s uncle
  • Mliswa and Tagwirei are President Mnangagwa’s advisors in their personal capacities.
  • Fortune Chasi was fired from the Energy portfolio for disobeying Tagwirei
  • Tagwirei and Mliswa are [very annoyed] by the appointment of Soda [Zhemu to replace Chasi] who they say have no Zanu Pf ideology
  • Chinamasa wanted a Ministerial position too as he defended President Mnangagwa much
  • Chinamasa, Mliswa and Tagwirei didn’t want ED to appoint Kirsty Covenrty [as Sports Minister] because she doesn’t have party traits
  • Sydney Gata and Daniel Mackenzie Ncube are ED’s friends who got appointments because they are his friends
  • Tagwirei can tell ED who not to arrest, says he told ED not to arrest Chasi
  • Tagwirei supports Wicknell Chivayo [of the infamous Gwanda Solar Project]
  • Chivayo has full protection from Tagwirei
  • Chasi had no power to deal with Chivayo
  • Tagwirei can help anyone to get a government tender
  • Tagwirei bought top of the range vehicles for police bosses
  • Tagwirei said President Mnangagwa is not an enforcer
  • Tagwirei and Mliswa agree that ED has failed to control the country like Mugabe
  • The two are disappointed by the presence of Tabani Mpofu (not Advocate Thabani Mpofu, Nelson Chamisa’s lawyer) on the anti-corruption body
  • They say they want Zanu Pf people on the anti-corruption portfolio who follow party principles
  • Temba gives himself credit for defending Zanu Pf on social media
  • Temba says Prof JN Moyo will never attack him
  • Saviour Kasukuwere had a conversation with Temba on the appointment of Soda who doesn’t have Zanu Pf ideology
  • Tagwirei said he is working for ED’s 2023 tenure
  • From the conversation, it’s clear that Temba recorded the audio. What could have been his motive? He seems to be in good books with ED and Tagwirei so I doubt if he is the one who leaked it. Is this not a diversion? No factional battles are seen from the conversation.

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