There Is No Way We Can Ignore What Is Happening In Zimbabwe - ANC

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There Is No Way We Can Ignore What Is Happening In Zimbabwe - ANC

South Africa’s ruling party, The African National Congress (ANC)’s Lindiwe Zulu has said their party cannot fold arms as the human rights and the economic deterioration in Zimbabwe rages on, the Daily News reports.

Zulu was speaking during a virtual Governance Accountability Platform (GAP) discussion on “The ANC and Zimbabwe”  that was being hosted by the Brenthurst when she said SADC had to deal with the Zimbabwean crisis in a different way:

We also think that Sadc needs to deal with this issue in a different way, it can’t be the same all the way of getting reports and reports and nothing being done…

Sadc should have to look into this in a different way and we believe as ANC we can work through other liberation movements; in fact when I finish this meeting, I am supposed to be talking to my counterparts in Mozambique, Angola and so forth.

President Cyril Ramaphosa, I can assure you that he is very much committed to resuscitating and looking at what we did in the past; what worked and what didn’t work and how we can approach it right now

Zulu acknowledged that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe despite the government’s claims that there is no crisis in Zimbabwe:

…These are the questions I am asking in order for us to deal with the situation. Can we now move to asking ourselves the real painful questions before we get to the big issues?

We need to turn this much closer to ourselves for us to be able to deal with the situation which leads to the issue of the need of agreeing that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe because it doesn’t help us to be going under the table, disappearing and coming back; that is a fact. The fact is if there wasn’t a crisis in Zimbabwe we wouldn’t be talking about what I have just said,

Zulu also said the continuous engagement between the two neighbours and the success they have had over the years was being eroded and they had to continue engaging with Zanu PF to find a solution to the Zimbabwean crisis:

I believe that whatever success was achieved during the period we are talking about, the last 20 years are being reversed; so we need to put the people at the centre. It cannot be about personal feelings and individual interests. As the ANC we must continue to engage with Zanu PF and it is about agreeing that there is a crisis.

The culture, ethos and values of the liberation were not just freeing the country from external occupation and racism. What we need to be asking ourselves is whether we are still on the correct path of what we fought for including human rights, economic and social freedom. We therefore cannot be told that we are interfering in Zimbabwe,

We do believe that there is an opportunity for us once we agree that we need to be frank on dealing with the issues. They (political parties) must fix their internal dynamics so that when somebody else comes talking to Zanu PF and whatever is said is what it is.

In South Africa, for example, if we have a problem and people say just talk to ANC and you think you will be solving the problem, you will not be solving the problem. It doesn’t matter how I feel about the EFF, the DA, that’s not the issue, the issue is that we need to engage with everyone and create a fair playing field.

The Zimbabwean government has refused to acknowledge that there is a crisis in Zimbabwe and it responds to anyone who subscribes to that narrative to the point of attacking some organisations like the Catholic Bishops after they pointed out the issue in a pastoral letter to the government.

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