FULL TEXT: 'The Elders' Praise Zimbabwe’s National Citizens Convention

3 years agoThu, 05 Nov 2020 09:18:18 GMT
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FULL TEXT: 'The Elders' Praise Zimbabwe’s National Citizens Convention

Dear friends

It is with great pleasure that I send you my greetings and congratulations on the occasion of the third National Citizens Convention in Zimbabwe.

I still treasure the memory of speaking to many of you at the first Convention in Harare Gardens on July 20th 2018, alongside my dearly-missed friend and colleague Kofi Annan.

Kofi stood steadfast in his support of the Zimbabwean people, their rights and freedoms to the very end of his life, and the words he said on that day still ring true now:

“Rebuilding Zimbabwe will be the work of the nation, a nation made up not just of politicians, but also of professionals, of traders, students, workers, a nation of men and women like you. Politics is too important to be left to the politicians.”

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The events of 2020 have shown how right he was, not just in Zimbabwe but across the world. COVID-19 has turned all our worlds upside down, and it is only through the collective endeavours that we can fight the pandemic and restore our nations to stability and prosperity.

The work of the National Citizens Convention is more essential than ever. Rebuilding Zimbabwe requires dialogue, solidarity, inclusivity, transparency and accountability.

This can only be done if the rule of law is upheld, human rights are respected, and no impunity is afforded to those behind abductions, torture, perversion of the course of justice, and violence.

I know from our previous conversations that these principles inform all of your work, and I welcome your focus on social cohesion, participatory democracy, respect for the Constitution of Zimbabwe and building a sustainable and inclusive economy.

In your discussions today, I urge you to go ever further down the path of an active citizenry and build connections with wider networks across Zimbabwe for a comprehensive, inclusive national dialogue reflecting the diversity and richness of your beautiful country.

As you know, this can only be done if the rule of law is upheld, human rights are respected, and there is no impunity afforded to those behind abductions, torture and violence.

The path ahead is challenging but I salute your resilience and determination, and on behalf of The Elders I extend my warmest wishes and enduring support.

Thank you,

Mary Robinson

Chair of The Elders



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