Twimbos React To The MDC T Congress Chaos

3 years agoMon, 28 Dec 2020 10:15:38 GMT
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Twimbos React To The MDC T Congress Chaos

Zimbabweans on Twitter have reacted to the chaotic MDC T court-sanctioned congress that took place yesterday. After the congress, Douglas Mwonzora won the party presidency against Khupe who polled less than 120 votes. However, before counting was completed allegations of election rigging and violence marred the congress. Khupe also suspended Mwonzora before the elections were completed as she alleges that he threw the party into disarray. 

Here is what Twimbos had to say about the elections:

Tendai Biti

The side show was what it was . An embarrassing orgy by a desperate mafia intend on destroying people s project.But stooges will always be stooges .Wananchi are clear & have never been clearer .There is only one movement led by one leader ,Advocate @nelsonchamisa #AsifuniBumbulu

Pedzisayi Ruhanya

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

Apart from the fact that the MDC-T congress was a nullity as they did not stick to the 30 November Supreme Court deadline, the outcome is even worse. Results show no quorum; Dougie 884, Thoko 118, Elias 14, Komichi, 9. Spoilt ballots 2. The greatest bogus MDC congress since 1999

Xamukavalelwa Mdutsh

MDC t leader thokozani khuphe will feel the pinch ,since all has been Xposed that she is a sellout,a leader from hell,a mnangagwa bootlicker,zupco is transporting everything, everyone to the so called congres

Uthseketsha wokaGodlwayo

MDC T Congress, you ask your tokoloshis to destroy your opponents and they drag you in their shenanigans


Khupe is surely the new Dr Amai – “I have stopped this process”“this election is no more” What a rant!!  

Jonathan Moyo

The chaotic Supreme Court judgment was bound to lead to a chaotic congress with a chaotic outcome. Courts must not dabble in politics, especially where the legal case is water under the bridge & is thus moot!

Kundayi Masekesa

Im not a law expert neither an MDC member but i dont think that madam @DrThoko_Khupe had e right to suspend @DMwonzora from that party.Khupe was  a candidate &  an interested part.She shld hev waited 4 e completion of e process b4 suspending pple. She must show political maturity

Leonard Koni

When @DrThoko_Khupe was offered a parliamentary post as the leader of the Opposition she said “I have come to work with @edmnangagwa  to make sure that Zimbabwean people get jobs, clean water, good health care and good service delivery. #Covid19 judgments later ended in tears.

MDC Alliance

The MDC Alliance would never get ZUPCO buses, use of the HICC, police authorization to gather or state funds. Khupe’s project, chaotic as it is, has been a huge fraud on our democracy. However, the events of today have shown that Zanu PF has failed to hold them together.

ZANU PF Patriots 

Chamisa fails to stop Khupe’s Extra Ordinary CongressDouble exclamation mark The High Court in Bulawayo has dismissed with costs an urgent application by the former MDC-T Organising Secretary, Mr A Bhebhe who was trying to interdict the MDC-T EOC scheduled for tomorrow at HICC.

Boss Mhofela

Chamisa is the least of your worries mukoma. Those that gave MDCT to khupe will come and get it back. There will be nothing you can do.

Keisha Lakish

Kikikikkikiki @MmusiMaimane @Julius_S_Malema come and see the chaos ED fearing Chamisa appointed Thokozani Khupe to be leader of opposition the Zanupf sponsored Congress was as shambolic as Zanupf itself they are sponsored by Zanupf it stinks @HillaryClinton

Hopewell Chi’ono

This was why @DrThoko_Khupe was looking for Mnangagwa’s Tabani when she rang @adv_fulcrum  after the name mix up.She feels betrayed after she says her people’s names are not in the voter’s roll. Of course, this is a bogus & contrived Congress meant to destroy the REAL  @mdczimbabwe


 Khupe said ED did not rig Chamisa in 2018 elections, so why is Khupe complaining about Mwonzora’s rigging ? Let’s the Hullabaloo nonsensical Congress carry on so that Khupe will learn that rigging is real & Chamisa was right about ED’s rigging

Fa Matiz 

At least Trump waited for the results to be announced Madam Khupe varamba

Solomon Harudzibwi

If there was an independent commission why would khupe stop the elections citing rigging?  Chaora ichi. There is no honour among thieves. 

Fidelis Zengeya Zvomunya

His Excellency Zimbabwe President Douglas Mwonzora @DMwonzora left capital city Harare for South Africa on Monday morning to pay a four-day state visit, according to the Information Secretary @nickmangwana

Calvin Gumiremuseve

Tell us who is the leader of Opposition in Parliament now that Miss receiving a clap is out .And Phungeni where are you today are you going to support Mwonzora coz the bashed one is not a leader Anymore .CCC kkkkk zvakaoma

MDC Alliance North America 

It is sad that 2.6 million brave Zimbabweans who voted for President Chamisa have to watch this Mwonzora/Khuphe charade.Bloodmoney speaks louder than a human voice.We thank Our leaders,MPs & councillors  recalled & have stood still.2021 is our year to shine. Aluta Continua!

Musariri Mousa1

Mwonzora (candidate) suspends Bhebhe (candidate) …Mwonzora says “he violated the constitution by supporting another political party”.

Khupe (candidate) suspends Mwonzora (candidate) …Mwonzora says “I can’t be suspended by a fellow candidate”

Mambo Svosve

Morgan Tsvangirayi must be turning in his grave @ this insult & assault of his rich legacy!BREAKING: Instead Of Thanking Voters, Mwonzora Confidently Announces That It’s The Election Management Board Members Who Elected Him. 

Dr T Stanzo

If I were Mwonzora, I wud invite /merge @nelsonchamisa and the whole MDC Alliance back. Then I would go down as a “hero”.The guy who fooled fake democrats ( Khupe and crew ) and recapture the great party back to the people !

Create Africa 

It’s high time  @nelsonchamisa @BitiTendai @Welshman_Ncube to go back to the original name: Movement for Democratic Change since Mwonzora and Khupe are now MDC-T

Jameson Timba

The State went out of it’s way to support Khupe; Mwonzora et al inorder to destroy @nelsonchamisa and MDC Alliance. Covid regulations were suspended; zupco buses commandeered; public funds were availed. The result was a farce where a third of the quorum attended a circus Congress




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