Former Minister Denounces Hypocritical Calls For 'Ubuntu'

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Former Minister Denounces Hypocritical Calls For 'Ubuntu'

Former Deputy Minister at Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology Development Godfrey Gandawa writes on the hypocritical calls for “ubuntu” falling high profile deaths due to COVID-19. The full thread:

The unfortunate celebrations that followed the death of SB Moyo and other govt officials appear to have angered the regime, prompting hypocritical calls for “ubuntu”. The regime has to recognise the direct role it has played in creating an angry and bitter culture.

The president’s spokesperson publicly taunted a victim of state-sponsored torture, Tawanda Muchehiwa, asking him if his ‘buttocks had healed’. This uncouth behaviour was not rebuked by Mnangagwa, despite a public outcry, suggesting that govt agrees with it.

Now, if the president’s spokesperson can publicly celebrate the torture of a 21-year-old student why would such a govt be surprised that the public will equally celebrate news of its demise? The regime is in no position to demand decency because it has no decency itself.

This was not an isolated incident. The president’s spokesman also mocked the death of an opposition councillor who had perished under unclear circumstances in Hurungwe. It is hypocrisy of the worst kind that such a govt expects commiserations from the very people it abuses.

Then Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi mocked Joana Mamombe suggesting she was a prostitute that had been attacked after demanding payment in foreign currency. The callous remarks came after she, and two others, were abducted and sexually assaulted by suspected state agents.

Mutodi was not sanctioned for this uncouth behaviour. When he was eventually fired, it was reported that this had nothing to do with his attack on Mamombe. It is apparent that govt and Zanu PF found nothing untoward in what he had said.

How then does that same govt act surprised when the public breaks with cultural expectations and celebrates the death of Zanu PF or govt-linked officials? The lack of decency began in govt and is filtering into society. Mnangagwa’s regime appears not to understand this.

Mnangagwa himself publicly said if he was God he would “switch off the oxygen” for opposition supporters. That is not the language of a decent man, let alone the president of a nation. It is outrageous that such a callous regime actually expects condolences from its victims

The culture of denouncing rivals at political rallies is distinctly Zanu PF. The ruling party has no interest in the politics of ideas, where arguments are made, and the better view prevails in the national interest. Instead, it is full of threats and violence.

Talk is cheap. If the regime genuinely desires unity, it must begin to take substantive actions to resolves the People’s Grievances. You cannot in one breath cheer the murder of your opponents and in the next call for national unity.

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