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Ginimbi's Family Suspects Kit Kat Of Doctoring The Will That Gives Him Ginimbi's Lamboghini

2 years ago
Tue, 02 Mar 2021 14:56:58 GMT
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Ginimbi's Family Suspects Kit Kat Of Doctoring The Will That Gives Him Ginimbi's Lamboghini

The family of the late businessman and socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure is reportedly starting to doubt the will that they were made to believe was left by Ginimbi before his demise on 8 November. H Metro reports.

According to the publication, the family is now doubting the authenticity of the will and they are accusing his friend Nomatter Zinyengere aka Kit Kat of doctoring Ginimbi’s will that left him Ginimbi’s car, he tried to file at the Master of The High Court last year.

A source privy to the development reportedly said Ginimbi’s family initially agreed to endorse the will on the guise that they will be shown where some of the socialite’s properties were:

During Ginimbi’s funeral, the family members were talked into rushing to endorse that will by his friends. There were some who advised them to wait until the funeral proceedings were done so that everything to do with the estate of the late could be handled properly.

But they rushed into it as they were promised that they will be showed more properties in South Africa and Botswana where his businesses were. But after the will was endorsed, they did not manage to recover the wealth they expected to get, and Kit Kat is now being suspected to be the one hiding it.

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The family is reportedly fighting the authenticity of the will according to the source which said the Kadungure family is suspecting that Kit Kat coned them into giving him the Lamborghini:

The family is now fighting Kit Kat’s claim to the Lamborghini after suspecting that they were duped through the will which they are now discrediting as bogus. Kit Kat is said to have took advantage of the somber state that the family was in during the days of Ginimbi’s funeral to con them of the priced vehicle.

The Kadungure family has in a suit against the executor of the estate Ms. Darangwa said they were blackmailed into accepting the will and into appointing Darangwa as the executor of the estate. 

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