I'm Being Intimidated Continuously By Soldiers - Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga Details

3 years agoSat, 13 Mar 2021 08:08:05 GMT
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I'm Being Intimidated Continuously By Soldiers - Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga Details

Marry Mubaiwa Chiwenga has said she is being intimidated continuously by soldiers who come to her workplace harassing her workers. In an interview with The NewsHawks Marry Chiwenga details how the soldiers visited her premises and drove her workers away and took some of her belongings. Responding to the question of why military personnel were doing this Marry said:

I have lived most of my life with him, being around soldiers, I don’t fear soldiers, also because there was like a family unit with the soldiers around us.

But when it comes to intimidation, now intimidation is a lot of things, it’s broad. If the people in my office are intimidated by soldiers, that’s intimidation on my part because they will go to scare the people in my office.

The people in my office will run away because they’re afraid of the soldiers. They are threatened.
When they went and ransacked my office in Domboshava, everybody ran away.  I had more than 20 people working there, they all ran away.

And before running away they were ordered by armed soldiers to load all my belongings into a lorry, and this was during the time I was in prison.

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They cleared my office, took all my files, took all my client files, we had six filing cabinets and they were all taken.

Client information is confidential, between the client and the consultant.

They took bank statements, contracts, invoices of things, they took personal documents, my registrations of different things; company registrations, vehicle registration, title deeds, everything. The office was for events, and I had even had a party for my children there.

And they recently broke down my Highlands office wall, and it was done at night. Our wall was very strong, it could not have just have fallen on its own. Now our office is open and vulnerable.

Marry also said her husband who is trying to divorce her is threatening doctors who are treating her not to treat her:

 My health is in trouble for two reasons. My health is in trouble because, first reason, local doctors have been threatened by my husband not to look after me medically and they’re afraid to speak out.
This is including physiotherapists, because I need physio, but they’ve also been threatened and they said they are scared to meet me because the VP threatens them and this is what they say.

I don’t have a physiotherapist, I don’t have a physician. The physicians that were looking after me before were army physicians.

They are afraid of the VP, they were told at work not to look after me. So they don’t help me and for me to go and get international medical attention they have refused with my passport.

Marry said she has written to Zimbabwe Defense Forces Commander Valerio Sibanda but he has not responded to her. She says she is still barred from accessing her money and her case to go to South Africa for medical attention was dismissed by the High Court.

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