VP Chiwenga Is A Child At Heart - Marry

2 years agoSat, 13 Mar 2021 13:37:31 GMT
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VP Chiwenga Is A Child At Heart - Marry

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife, Marry, said the former Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) commander is a baby at heart as he cries when he is unhappy or sick.

Speaking during an interview with The NewsHawks, Marry said she expected Chiwenga to give her parents a cow as a token of appreciation for taking care of him when he was ill and was shocked to be thrown in prison despite all that she did for him. She said:

My husband is a baby at heart. When he is sick he cries, when he’s worried and he’s unhappy he cries and I got to comfort him.

I would try everything to get him medical care, calling doctors and at one time when he got sick, I made all efforts to get hold of the President who was not around. And eventually, he came back.

I would do everything to cater to him. I did everything, everything you can think of when taking care of a sick person and my payment for that was prison.

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When you are expecting your husband to come buy a cow to take to your family as gratitude, he comes back and has you sent to prison, you can imagine.

Asked for an update on the divorce proceedings, Marry said she has no idea. She said was the case was supposed to be heard on the eighth of February, but it was cancelled. She added:

But really what I would like is for all of this to be behind me because I want my children, my properties, my matrimonial benefits, my spousal benefits, which I’m supposed to have been getting since last year.

I want my vehicles and life goes on. But I also would like an apology from the Vice-President. He owes me an apology for everything that he’s done to me and my family, because he knows what he says happened didn’t happen.

He doesn’t even believe his own lies. He knows that nothing like that happened. So, one day I’d like an apology from him for everything that he has put me through.

It will just be an apology really, but nothing can take away what he has done. It doesn’t matter that he was lied to and that is why he did what he did or whatever.

Nothing can take away your own husband sending you to prison. Even if I had done it, he could have just said ‘you know what Mai Tendai, you went too far’ and he would have just taken me back to my family, not to throw me in prison.

That was extreme and he knows that he overreacted, and it will eat him for whatever amount of time was left in his life.

But yeah, it’s really sad. I looked after him so well. And I looked after him so much that what he did was most painful.

That your husband you looked after with your heart would do that. I looked after him beyond expectation, I even surprised myself because of the way I looked after him.

You even look at yourself and say at 40 I am looking after somebody who is this sick. You know, it was like I did not have a life.

He was my life. And then, when he was ill, I even stopped having a life and it just became a life for him.

So, all of that, imagine you have a life with your husband and your children, then all of a sudden it is life for him, you know you’re like a 24-hour doctor.

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