Police To Intensify Enforcement Of COVID-19 Containment Measures

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Police To Intensify Enforcement Of COVID-19 Containment Measures

Police have urged members of the public to observe safety measures such as wearing masks and avoiding unnecessary movement during curfew hours to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told ZBC News that they will be intensifying enforcement of regulations meant to contain the spread of the virus.

Since President Emmerson Mnangagwa relaxed the level four lockdown measures early this month, most people have become complacent in taking precautionary measures that reduce the spread of COVID-19.

People are now moving around freely without wearing masks or practising social distance.

Asst Comm. Nyathi warned that police will be arresting those caught on the wrong side of the law. He said:

We have observed that some people are not wearing face masks and some people are just moving around even after 10 pm for no reasons. The ZRP will be arresting those who flout lockdown regulations.

Nyathi also told The Sunday Mail that if need be, the police would increase patrols and checkpoints to deal with irresponsible members of the public. He said:

We are not going back on arresting those who break the rules, especially those who are not wearing masks and not practising social distancing.

We had restricted our patrols and checkpoints to curfew hours, but if things remain like this, yes there is a possibility that we could increase our checkpoints again.

People need to be responsible, I think that should be a personal choice for the sake of one’s own health.

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