Bona And Simba Chikore Struggle To Complete Vast Harare Mansion - Report

2 years ago
Sat, 20 Mar 2021 14:28:43 GMT
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Bona And Simba Chikore Struggle To Complete Vast Harare Mansion - Report

Former President Robert Mugabe’s daughter Bona and Simba Chikore her husband are reportedly struggling to complete the mansion they were building in Harare’s Umwinsidale Suburb, The NewsHawks exclusively revealed.

A well placed source from the Mugabe family reportedly told the publication that the mansion sits on 22 hectares of land is expected to gobble US$20 million for it to be completed:

At the moment the total cost of the house is expected to be at least US$20 million. This is because the owners of the property are now struggling to finish the house, which at the beginning was supposed to cost US$39 million.

President Mugabe was reportedly financing the project for Bona and Simba Chikore before his infamous ouster by his trusted lieutenants in 2017:

..The late former president was financing the project. Remember he gave Bona and Simba his historic Mount Pleasant house during their wedding, but after that they asked him to build a house of their choice and dreams. Mugabe said he would fund the project; he paid for everything before he died. Simba and Bona are now struggling to complete it. It’s a huge project; they need millions of US dollars to finish it.

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According to the publication, another source told them about some of the expenses that have to be scared at the property for it to be complete:

The price would have been much higher if they still had money because in an elevated mountain area like that it might have cost up to US$5 000 per square metre to build, but that has now been contained at US$2 500 per square metre.

So when you add land, construction, design and landscaping costs, at a minimum square metre charge of US$2 500 it becomes US$20 million, but if you take a maximalist approach it will be US$39 million.

This includes the cost of paying the whole project team; the architect (team leader), structural engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer and electrical engineer.

These days there is also the environmental engineer. While professional architects usually charge 7% of the project cost, the engineers charge 3.5%. These are the professional rates but, of course, people always negotiate.

Besides all that, there will also be a road which will stretch for a kilometre inside the property given its magnitude and that will cost up to US$1.5 million on its own. Building a kilometre of a proper tarred road costs between US$1 million and US$1.2 million.

Bona was the executor of her famous father’s estate and it emerged that the Mugabes were rich when he died as he had $10 million dollars in his bank account when he died.

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