Mai Titi Looks "Tense, Uncomfortable" In Awilo Longomba Picture - Social Commentator

2 years agoFri, 21 May 2021 03:41:15 GMT
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Mai Titi Looks "Tense, Uncomfortable" In Awilo Longomba Picture - Social Commentator

Author and social commentator, Charlton Tsodzo, described Mai Titi as “tense” and “uncomfortable” in a picture she appears with Rhumba musician Awilo Longomba.

Tsodzo was adding his voice to the recent controversy involving Mai Titi’s departure from an acting role in a yet-to-be-released film she was starring alongside Longomba.

Mai Titi, a local comedienne whose real name Felistas Murata, has claimed she quit her role on ‘A Life to Regret’ over sexual assault during the film’s production in Tanzania. The producer of the film, claims he fired Mai Titi for unprofessional behaviour.

Tsodzo says in a post on Facebook:

Ok I will just begin by saying I don’t know these people personally nor do I have context of what was going on when the picture was taken…but what I can certainly do is give you my own interpretation of the body language in this picture.

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

So the lady is quite tense, she is uncomfortable…her body is in a straight, ‘professional’ attention statue-like position …, hands down square shoulders (well..almost). She probably was expecting a more professional pose and distance between herself and the man…when it didn’t happen…she tried to mask it with a fake smile…like anzi smile for the camera…so her face and body are saying totally opposite things…body says she doesn’t want to be standing like she is..

.Also if you look at her upper waist area going upwards, she has a bit of an arch to the right, in this case being a sign of discomfort and hoping the man’s right-hand doesn’t touch her boob, so the slight arching is supposed to help with that… just enough though that noone notices so that she doesn’t betray her discomfort in the picture…sign of trying to protect her modesty.

Meanwhile, the man has an arrogant smirk on his face, one that kinda says ‘ndini ndinaye/i’m with her at this point in time/I’m in charge’…his right-hand hangs over the woman’s shoulder and down to her right boob area in a mansplanning fashion (that one issa no, gents, don’t do it)…his left hand, while seeming relaxed, seems to be trying to help hold the woman ‘in position’, maybe after sensing the bi of discomfort…spreading his fingers on the woman’s hand evenly distributes the effort that has been put there to maintain the woman ‘in place’…so that his left hand doesn’t show any tense veins in the picture (i didn’t call it force, but just a little effort musazoti Tsodzo akati).

So…If you are gonna ask me…that woman is definitely posing in that picture for the gallery and is uncomfortable, wishing the moment to be over..otherwise, her left hand wouldn’t have been looking that stone-cold and like that of a corpse….panga pasina kunatsowirirana apa…but they had to do what they had to do kuti zvindoita sezvinoti oh…ndapedza hangu ndini Sinyoro…#Robonga

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