Council Bans Civilians From Controlling Traffic At Intersections

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Council Bans Civilians From Controlling Traffic At Intersections

Harare City Council has said it is illegal for civilians to control traffic at intersections.

Harare central business district and its feeder roads resemble a traffic jungle not only during peak hours but even during “normal” hours as some motorists create imaginary third and fourth lanes.

Posting on microblogging site Twitter, the local authority said that those caught doing so will be prosecuted. It said:

Civilians not allowed to control traffic. Law will take its course against such behaviour.

The statement by Harare City Council was received with anger, with Dhara Blessed Mhlanga saying, “When those who are not doing their job have it taken away from them. Happy to tweet from the comfort of their offices. So heartless and heartbreaking. So what’s the crime – haya.”

Twitter user shonaghmwa challenged Council to make sure that all traffic lights are working at all times rather than tweeting. “You should be tweeting that you making sure that every traffic light is working & assigning police to intersections that get busier and would like to thank those that were assisting and that you widening roads…”

Gango Guy said, “I support government initiatives but you should acknowledge kuti those boys helped motorists when you couldn’t. You should have apologized for not being able to do this before. Then thank the civilians that stepped up. And finally notified us of your intentions. We look fwd to seeing u.”

Shylet Maganga said if it were not for civilian traffic controllers, traffic would hardly move at intersections.

“Why do civilians have to control traffic? Will civilians control traffic when responsible authorities are there? Without the help of civilians, you can spend the whole night at an intersection in Zimbabwe. Think before you post?”, she asked.

Simba said: “Misoro yenyu yaka zara manyoka. Street kids have kept order while you are busy munching ratepayers money, with the little bond cash they get they invested in bibs and whistles. What have you done? Just fix the traffic lights not chase the civilians helping you.”



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