Tanya Muzinda Says Africans Don't Deserve 'Wheelchair-bound' Leaders

3 years agoWed, 02 Jun 2021 06:09:21 GMT
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Tanya Muzinda Says Africans Don't Deserve 'Wheelchair-bound' Leaders

Zimbabwean motocross rider Tanyaradzwa Muzinda said it not right that African countries are led by old people when the majority of their people are young.

Muzinda (16), said it is psychological murder for young people to be led by 80-year-olds who are wheelchair-bound. She tweeted:

Africa has Young People, half of them are below 20 years old & the average age of its leaders is 60-65 years.

It’s a big joke to have a President starting a new term @80 years & wheelchair-bound. Imposing old people to lead us where? To the Grave!! It’s a psychological murder.

Muzinda’s tweet generated mixed responses with some commentators expressing their disapproval. One Cde Never Maswerasei said:

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I totally understand your zeal as young people but you will have to be rational & agree that it’s the natural order of life that those older will always constitute the majority of our leaders. It is the same set-up as in a family where parents head the family and not their children.

Ptivu concurred with Muzinda, saying it is even against African culture for someone to insist on leading when they are in the twilight of their life. Wrote Ptivu:

In organised families with a rational thinking father, the old man will, at one point hands over the running of family affairs to the elder son. It is against our culture to remain in position wachembera. Our culture has clear succession plans.

Prominent journalist Hopewell Chin’ono wrote:

This is a 16-year-old, smart & visionary! Yet in the comments section, you will find some dimwits asking her about Queen Elizabeth who is not a President and Joe Biden who is democratically elected and follows his country’s constitution!

I am glad that she represents young folks

Paul Chisveto said:

In functional families, older parents relegate themselves voluntarily with pride to elders and assume advisory/consultative roles. It’s in politics where it’s the opposite. The young must never buy into that persuasion you present here. Nations are stagnating.



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