Former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, Criticised For IMF Remarks

2 years ago
Sun, 11 Jul 2021 16:55:30 GMT
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Former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, Criticised For IMF Remarks

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti, who is the MDC Alliance vice president, has been criticised for his remarks on the International Monetary Fund (IMF)’s growth projections for Zimbabwe’s economy.

Biti had described the IMF as a naïve and dishonest institution after it published a report forecasting a 7% growth in Zimbabwe’s economy.

One Dr Tawanda Zinyama told ZBC News that it is very unpatriotic for Biti to speak badly about IMF findings which even an average man can simply notice. Said Zinyama:

I am not surprised at all with Biti’s utterances. The utterances are a classic example of unpatriotism. How can a Zimbabwean wish ill health for his motherland?

President Emmerson Mnangagwa team must fast-track the Patriotic Bill proceedings in Parliament to deal with this cancer in the opposition once and for all.

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The IMF predictions have the legitimacy to government capacity and political will to bring about socio-economic transformation in Zimbabwe.

Collen Mharadzano opined that Biti’s utterances prove that the opposition party is not happy with Zimbabwe’s economic rebound, adding that his reaction to IMF findings spells doom for the MDC Alliance. He said:

Isolated criticism of IMF in Zimbabwe exposes the real intention of those who have always masquerade as champions of democracy.

Yet we all know that they have been Trojan Horses for white imperial capital. Their agenda is to inflict unbearable suffering amongst the populace hoping for a regime change someday.

It is crystal clear that the second republic under the able stewardship of President Emmerson Mnangagwa has stabilised and positioned the economy in the much-awaited growth mode.

So statistics depicting a modest growth for the economy by the IMF team in Zimbabwe is indeed spot on.

For any analyst, more so a Zimbabwean to project or wish doom for the economy and its people it’s outright fallacy.

Speaking during a recent policy dialogue organised by SAPES to discuss the recent IMF and World bank reports, Biti argued that this was not the first time the IMF has exhibited naivety when dealing with Zimbabwe.

IMF has projected a six per cent growth for Zimbabwe this year on the back of a bumper harvest and strong economic policies that have supposedly stabilised the economy.

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