Survivor Of Musogwezi River "Mermaids" Saga Narrates Ordeal

2 years agoMon, 02 Aug 2021 10:35:21 GMT
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Survivor Of Musogwezi River "Mermaids" Saga Narrates Ordeal

A Masvingo village head who survived in the mysterious Musogwenzi River incident in which three people drowned, allegedly by mermaids, has narrated the ordeal saying he does not know how he got out of the pool.

The Mirror reports that a self-styled prophet Amos Chituri (49) of Agness Access Apostolic Church (AAAC) visited a Chivi family in Tazvigwira to attend to a child who is mentally ill.

Chituri who is from Manyangadze Village under Chief Mutasa in Manicaland was met by the village head Victor Tazvigwira for purposes of village protocols.

During the meeting, however, he prophesied that Tazvigwira once came across human bones while walking in the hills and the spirit of that deceased person was haunting him and needed to be cleansed.

They agreed to go to Musogwezi River for exorcism and baptism and they were accompanied by Tazvigwira’s wife, and two children and some youth members of AAAC making it a group of about nine people.

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At the river, the group stood about 10 metres away and removed their shoes as they prepared to get closer to the pool for the baptism. The pool is less than 3m wide and locals say it’s not deep as kids always play and swim there. That pool is also used for baptisms by many other indigenous churches.

Chituri paced close to the pool, others started speaking in tongues, ran and plunged into the pool. They heard a huge trembling noise from the pool and the hills above. Forces they could not understand shoved and pushed them under the water. Tazvigwira told The Mirror:

We could see each other as we struggled to escape from the bottom of the pool. Surprisingly we never bumped against one another and we never gulped any water. I raised my hands to try and alert those outside of our predicament. After a while I mysteriously found myself thrown out of the pool and lying on the ground. I still don’t know how I came out.

Five others also mysteriously found themselves out of the pool, lying on the ground. Chituri attended to them and in particular Tazvigwira who seemed to be almost dying.

As they got back to their senses, they realised that Cosmas Mvicha, Witness Chirombo of Silas Village and Fungai Berevedzai a 14-year-old Form 2 girl at Mapakomhere High School who according to some relatives was taken by mermaids on two occasions before, were missing.

The group spent the whole day from around 8 am praying for the three they believed had been taken away by mermaids.

They eventually gave up and alerted village heads, chiefs and spirit mediums of the area and vigils were maintained the following week near the pool.

A spirit medium only identified as Mbuya Juliana performed rituals and as she completed them, the trembling noise was heard once again and it repeated three times.

On the 7th day, on July, 22 the first body belonging to Witness Chirombo was spotted at around 9 am floating on the surface. At around 2 pm on the same day, the second body of Cosmo Mvicha was spotted emerging out of the water almost in a sitting position.

The following day on Friday, July 23, the body of Fungai Berevedzai finally emerged out of the water.

The speculation was that Village head Tazvigwira had goblins. The Mirror confronted him with the question and he only could say “please help me.”

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