General Mujuru Was Killed In A Ritual Sacrifice - Political Analyst

2 years agoFri, 13 Aug 2021 17:30:55 GMT
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General Mujuru Was Killed In A Ritual Sacrifice - Political Analyst

A political analyst has sensationally claimed that the late former Zimbabwe Army General Solomon Mujuru was killed in a ritual sacrifice.

Mujuru died in a fire in the early hours of the night of 15 August 2011, at the homestead of Alamein Farm, and his death has remained a mystery.

Some analysts say Mujuru, a man who had survived the Independence war, could not have died in a fire, suggesting that there was foul play.

Political analyst Dinizulu Mbikokayise Macaphulana wrote on Facebook claiming that some of Mujuru’s body parts were taken and used for rituals. Said Macaphulana:

Solomon Mujuru’s murder was one burnt offering carried out in a ritual occult style that mixed assassination with pure witchcraft. Many Zimbabweans don’t know that Mujuru was killed alongside a girl that was unknowingly used to trap him and that some of his body parts, including a foot, were harvested for ritual purposes. Exactly why Mugabe refused to have his body surrendered to the sorcerers he once worked with and used.

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Macaphulana claims the sacrifices were made by President Emmerson Mnangagwa whom he accused of being a Rhodesian spy who indeed lived “A life of Sacrifice” by sacrificing the lives of freedom fighters and many innocent Zimbabweans.

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