After 15 October, Unvaccinated Civil Servants Will Be Barred From Work, No Salary

2 years agoFri, 15 Oct 2021 07:19:34 GMT
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After 15 October, Unvaccinated Civil Servants Will Be Barred From Work, No Salary

Civil servants who have not been vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccines will be barred from the workplace, and will not be paid in the process. This is contained in Statutory Instrument 234 of 2021. Pindula News presents the S.I.

(3) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this order or any other law, no later than the 15th October, 2021—

(a) every member of the Public Service shall be fully vaccinated, and any member—

(i) not so vaccinated shall be barred from the workplace after the 15th October, 2021, and not be paid while he or she is so barred;

S.I. 234 of 2021

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(ii) who refuses to be fully vaccinated shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings on the basis that he or she failed to obey a lawful instruction:

Provided that if the head of Ministry or head of department is satisfied that any member of the Public Service is employed in that Ministry or department has a reasonable excuse for not being fully vaccinated by the 15th October, 2021 (which excuse shall be recorded in writing and promptly notified by the head concerned to the Commission), the head concerned may in relation to that member extend the vaccine mandate to no later then the 31st December, 2021;

(b) the convener or person responsible for any place at which a gathering may occur shall not admit any person to that gathering unless he or she exhibits proof of full vaccination:

Provided that—

(i) if any person is unable to exhibit proof of full vaccination, but, being asymptomatic, is able to exhibit proof that he or she has been tested negative for COVID-19 within the preceding forty-eight hours by means of a PCR or rapid antigen test, then entry into the place or gathering shall be permitted at the discretion of the person responsible for the place or the convener…

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