ZANU PF's Al-Shabaab Should Be Disbanded - Chikwinya

2 years agoWed, 13 Apr 2022 11:36:17 GMT
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ZANU PF's Al-Shabaab Should Be Disbanded - Chikwinya

Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya (CCC) has challenged President Emmerson Mnangagwa to disband terror groups in Kwekwe, particularly Al-Shabaab which has allegedly committed numerous acts of violence in the Midlands city over the years.

Chikwinya claimed that the ZANU PF-linked terror groups commit politically-motivated violence with impunity and the police have no power to arrest their members.

During the run-up to the 26 March by-elections, Mboneni Ncube, a CCC member, was stabbed to death during a rally in Mbizo by suspected members of a ZANU PF-linked terror group. Speaking to The NewsHawks, Chikwinya:

We have fought a brutal fight, a very unrepentant violent system anchored on the violent antics of the Al-Shabaab crew. It is well known and protected by senior ZANU PF officials.

Since 1999, we have documented a number of people who have been murdered and tortured. The murders continue with the latest one being that of Mboneni Ncube.

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The tortures continue with the individuals identified as perpetrators receiving impunity and even if they are partially arrested, they are quickly released from prison and come back to continue the atrocities.

The police cannot do much as long as their hands remain tied like this and as long as these people get protection from these senior officials.

Chikwinya said as long as Mnangagwa is involved in politics in Kwekwe, the terror groups will continue to have impunity. He added:

We know the guys involved and if you walk around Kwekwe and ask who the Al-Shabaab people are, they will tell you.

The Ncube murder perpetrators are known and the witnesses are now being threatened.

Now they can’t speak and they are trying to distort the whole story by threatening witnesses.

The next thing they will begin to blame CCC to say it was stage-managed and perhaps they will arrest people from CCC and manufacture witnesses. We are not ruling that out.

For it to come to an end, we have to remove the influence of Mnangagwa and former State Security minister Owen Ncube from politics around Kwekwe and that will bring peace to Kwekwe.

As long as these individuals are there, the perpetrators will continue to have a home where they can launch these attacks.

Meanwhile, suspected ZANU PF activists who allegedly murdered Ncube recently kidnapped his sister, Judith Ncube, and threatened to kill her if she continued demanding answers into Mboneni’s murder.

Mboneni was stabbed twice with a spear at a CCC rally held at Mbizo shopping centre and died on admission to Kwekwe Central Hospital.

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