South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Vows To Jail "All Undocumented Foreigners"

1 year agoWed, 20 Apr 2022 06:15:39 GMT
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South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Vows To Jail "All Undocumented Foreigners"

South Africa’s home affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi has vowed to lock up all undocumented immigrants resident in that country.

His remarks come amid attacks on foreign nationals by vigilante groups under an operation code-named Dudula which claim to be targeting undocumented foreigners.

Motsoaledi was addressing an ANC regional conference in the Eastern Cape where the minister pledged that “unlike other coward ANC leaders”, his views on the scourge of undocumented foreign nationals running amok in the country will never be censored.

Motsoaledi said SA is the only sovereign country in the world where it is open season for “rascals” who have committed serious crimes in their countries of birth. He said:

One of the things that is contemporary in SA which is a big elephant in the room, and we are trying to run away from that elephant by keeping quiet, is the issue of immigration.

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Why is the ANC keeping quiet and believing [this problem] will go away? It is not going to go away.

We must not be scared or embarrassed to mention the truth. I am in home affairs. I know what I am talking about.

Something is going wrong in our continent and SA is on the receiving end. When you talk, they take a big word and throw it at you and South Africans blink and run away. There is a word called xenophobia. Every time you try to show something is wrong, ‘xenophobia’.

We are the only country that accepts rascals. Even the UN is angry with us that SA has a tendency, because of something called democracy, to accept all the rascals of the world.

When people do wrong things in their countries, they run here. There is that guy from [Czech Republic] named Radovan Krejcir. He ran all the way to come and do nonsense here.

Motsoaledi said he was determined to see the undocumented foreigners thrown “in jail, locked in and the keys have been thrown away, then I will step down — only then.”

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