Zimbabweans Castigate ZUPCO Monopoly As Transport Crisis Deepen

1 year ago
Wed, 04 May 2022 10:22:09 GMT
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Zimbabweans Castigate ZUPCO Monopoly As Transport Crisis Deepen

Zimbabweans have taken to social media to vent their anger over the perennial public transport challenges which they blame on the ZUPCO monopoly.

State-owned transport company ZUPCO has enjoyed a public transport monopoly since the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020 after the government banned privately-owned minibuses (kombis).

In 2020, the Government directed owners of minibuses (kombis) to join the ZUPCO pool but many refused.

Some of those who had joined later withdrew from the ZUPCO franchise due to delays in payments which are made in discredited Zimbabwe dollars.

Here is what citizens have been saying on Twitter about the ongoing public transport challenges:

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CITE: Commuters are saying Zupco has failed them. They have since resorted to using private transport which are charging a fare of US$1. Desperate commuters from the western suburbs are forced to drop off at the Makokoba bus stop and continue on foot to reach their destination in the CBD.

Tendai the Traveller: This decision by gvt to have only Zupco operating the transportation sector is very counterproductive. One shouldn’t struggle this much to go to work. You shouldn’t stress towards the end of the day as to what time you will reach home.

The Ayatollah of Toxicity: Been waiting for almost 2hrs for Zupco, nix nothing dololo…. can’t blame these chicks for wanting dudes with cars, this public transport shit is f’d up.

Paul Sixpence: It’s not a back to school issue. We have a public transport crisis. The crisis has been brought to the fore because of the heavy police deployment on urban roads to weed out “illegal” transporters not registered with ZUPCO.

Kudzai Mutisi: Folks complaining about massive transport problems in Harare…. It’s clear that @zupcobus management can’t cope. There is nothing wrong with revising a policy if it has failed The govt shouldn’t create inconvenience for citizens, revising the policy should be urgent.

Siphosami Malunga: It is one thing to fail to govern. To fail to deliver public services-schools, healthcare, water etc. It is entirely another to stop citizens from finding solutions to your failures. To monopolise the problem & the prevention of solutions to it takes a whole level of malevolence.

Baba Ka LEFIKA: Isu as ma Customers, we should jave a choice kuti ndo enda ku Mushika shika or ku Zupco. Depending ne Servive yandiri kupihwa, not kunzi mwira Zupco chete yet service yavo yaka dhakwa.

Bhurumango: According to Acting Zupco CEO we have about 1000 Zupco buses in service. The Government banned all private players. I would like to understand how a population of more than 15 million people can be serviced by 1000 ZUPCO busses.

Nhamo Ngwenya: There is a need to also remove all unroadworthy ZUPCO buses from our roads. A workable solution is needed. As it is 75% buses from private players contracted to ZUPCO are unroadworthy. Most don’t have breaks, lights, seats, when raining they are leaking. Something must be done soon.

Clever Kuda Mlambo: The transport crisis in our teapot-shaped land is a self-inflicted crisis. They used an SI during the initial March 2020 lockdown to try and create the Zupco monopoly, just like most & if not all of their policies, Zupco failed dismally. Scores of commuting public are suffering. Zimbabwe is an unending disaster & with great haste, we are ticking all boxes of a failed state.

Luckson Zvobgo: Where is the feasibility study that suggested banning of private operators and reintroduction of ZUPCO will work? No science and numbers supported the idea of ZUPCO. Reactionary policies are dangerous. They needed a proper study to support this idea, as usual, ZanuPF failed.

Norman Matara: Permanent secretary @nickmangwana you once boarded an NRZ train to get “the user experience” as u said that time. May I challenge you to get another user experience by going to the Charge office at 5 pm and getting a Zupco bus to Unit N in Chitungwiza?

Danny Zembe: The Zupco CEO believes his problem is solved by increasing fleet size. Yet he forgets he has been getting FREE buses (& diesel) for the past 10+ years. Of the current fleet, what % is running? How many buses has he procured using his own cash flow? What’s the avg bus life?

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