Sex Toys Will Soon Render Men Obsolete, Says Zimbabwean Psychologist

2 years agoThu, 19 May 2022 09:52:23 GMT
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Sex Toys Will Soon Render Men Obsolete, Says Zimbabwean Psychologist

A local psychologist said that men could soon become obsolete as far as meeting women’s sexual needs is concerned following the proliferation of sex toys (dildos).

Dr Kudakwashe Muchena told Health Times that due to advancements in technology, humans are getting closer and attached to non-human objects including sex toys. Said Muchena:

We are now living in a world where people are getting attached to and are getting fascinated with non-human objects.

This is not just specifically to sex toys but also if you look at how our young people have become so addicted to their phones, video games etc.

You realise that the human interface is using its thrust and a lot of people are now gravitating towards trusting non-human objects.

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Muchena said there is a need for society to accept that the traditional ways of doing things with regard to sex and intimacy have evolved. He said:

In this case, when we are talking about sex and dildos these are things that come with very little emotional attachment because it doesn’t lead to heartbreak of some sort. This also speaks to two things.

Firstly, our girls no longer need that emotional attachment anymore, for them sex is a game that you can play on your own and win or get what you want.

Secondly, it seems our boys are no longer that compassionate, that loving or that caring to the extent that girls are now seeking solace or comfort in non-human objects.

In this case, they are seeking sexual pleasure from non-human objects because they realize that the boys are not available to give them that satisfaction.

The boys are somewhere busy doing things whilst the girls feel neglected and so forth so they have chosen to experiment with things that satisfy themselves.

Muchena blamed feminism (the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes) for the spread of artificial dildos. He said:

o some extent, it’s an indication of a change in the way relationships are viewed by girls. They no longer need a man in their lives to be happy.

This is a feminist approach that is developing in our societies that we are seeing women becoming more and more independent.

Firstly, they became financially independent, they are now working making their money and enjoying themselves.

Secondly, we are now seeing them drifting away from men sexually.

In the end, we are going to have very independent strong women and very independent desperate strong men.

We are going into a society where men and women don’t have anything in common anymore.

What men can do, women can find it elsewhere and it is quite a sad reality.

I am not sure how children will be born in the future because as long as we have started this experimentation and doing things this way, chances are that marriages and relationships will no longer be as fashionable as they are today.

This comes after a 23-year-old Harare “masturbation expert” appeared in court recently on allegations of illegally importing sex toys and selling some of them to school children.

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