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Naked Flying Wizard Falls In Magwegwe, Residents Claim

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Naked Flying Wizard Falls In Magwegwe, Residents Claim

A man was reportedly found stark naked on Monday morning in Bulawayo’s Magwegwe suburb, prompting residents to speculate that it was a case of a failed witchcraft mission.

Residents who spoke to Southern Eye claimed that they woke up on Monday morning to perform their daily routines, only to see a naked man in the suburb.

They said the man admitted to having fallen from a winnowing basket during a witchcraft mission.

Residents who witnessed the incident posted on social media pictures and videos of the man who said he was from Binga, but failed to explain how he came to Magwegwe.

A Magwegwe resident who identified herself as NakaBhowasi said:

He was naked and his body was painted all over with a substance which looked like ashes.

We were shocked to find the naked wizard near Greens Supermarket. The man told us that he was from Binga, adding that he fell on top of the house while on a witchcraft mission. He said he was travelling with friends.

Another resident said the man told onlookers that his friends left him, and he did not know how he got to Magwegwe.

In February this year, a similar incident reportedly happened in Filabusi, Insiza District, Matabeleland South Province.

A suspected witch allegedly fell from a winnowing basket after she fought with her colleagues over the legs of a child they were preparing to eat during a witchcraft mission.

Generally, Zimbabweans believe in the existence of witchcraft but the phenomenon cannot be proved by scientific means.

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