Responses To Govt Built 1 200 Schools Since 2017

1 year agoTue, 19 Jul 2022 09:42:18 GMT
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Responses To Govt Built 1 200 Schools Since 2017

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) reported that 1 200 schools were built in Zimbabwe between 2017 and 2021, and the report has triggered varying responses. 

Government critics including a freelance journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono say the government is exaggerating the figures. Said Chin’ono in response to an article published by state-run publication, The Herald:

The lies are writing themselves now! If the president could go and officially open a borehole, how did he fail to officiate at the opening of just one of the 1200 schools built?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 ZANU PF has failed dismally and it has just decided to lie Idi Amin style🤣

Zviko @Major_GBless responding t Chin’ono’s responses:

There are 1 460 days in 4 years. It would mean that 1 school was opened every single day. Or that they were building an average of 25 schools every month.

Usanetseke neNetOne airtime.

Baya *405# utenge neEcoCash

BeTheGameChanger @HodheraCourage:

This has surpassed propaganda it’s now ponopaganda in other word ndokunonzi kuzvibvisa hembe pane vanhu

Taona Denhere @DenhereTaona also replied to Chin’ono’s post:

This state of mediocrity newly built St Joseph Chinotimba primary school in Buhera. This is the flagship of the 1200 ZANUPF gvt schools has built over the past 4 years


Some challenged the government to list the completed schools giving details such as their geographical locations.

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