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"The World Demands A Lot From Men" Nigel 'Nijo Slick' Maritinyu

1 year agoFri, 27 Jan 2023 10:30:11 GMT
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"The World Demands A Lot From Men" Nigel 'Nijo Slick' Maritinyu

Zimbabwean comedian and motivational speaker, Nigel “Tha Slick Pastor” Maritinyu, says the world demands a lot from men, but they keep the pain to themselves.

Bamunini Nijo, a role he played in one of his skits, said women are not the only ones who need emotional support, but men also need it. In a post seen by Pindula News, Nijo said many men were depressed to the extent that some contemplated abusing drugs or even suicide. He said:

Not taking anything away from the ladies, but I feel like men go through a lot, especially young men who are navigating the “building” stage of their lives.

It’s either you have a lot of time for your family and no money to support them or you are busy making ends meet which ends up taking a lot of your time hence depriving your family of your presence.

The world demands a lot from the man. The wife needs attention, love, understanding and also provisions. The world requires your labour and service in exchange for a means to sustain your livelihood.

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The man is constantly in competition , either with other men or circumstances of nature. At almost every turn and instance, the head of the family is constantly thinking and plotting, devising and scheming ways to survive and meet his family’s expectations.

But he’s human too. Sometimes he just wants to feel what it’s like to sit and enjoy TV like everyone else without a the threat of bills intruding his mind. Everyday, men are faced with situations that challenge their sufficiency. Will I make enough this month, am I satisfying my partner, will I retain my job in this recession, is my health alright with all the stress I’m constantly under?? So many questions, very few answers many a time.

Of all the things I have listed, I feel that the biggest burden is not even these problems but the greatest pain for the man is going through these challenges and feeling no one UNDERSTANDS you, they only expect from you.

While I do not approve, justify or condone the following I tend to UNDERSTAND how many end turning to:

1. Alcoholism 2. Pornography and womanizing 3. Drug and substance abuse 4. Absenteeism 5. Fits of rage 6. Suicide

Most times these behaviors and patterns begin as an escape channel, trying to avoid facing the beckoning reality with each passing second. I repeat, those are not solutions but I think I get how people end up trapped in such.

Do you know it’s very normal for a man to want to just sit there and be quiet for 8 hours straight because life is tiring man and even talking becomes such a task. This is why some came up with the idea of a “man cave”, that room at home you can just retreat to and be yourself and enjoy your own company but kuno unoita man cave ipi uchiroja mu two rooms.

May God help all men. May God help all families.

Trust in Jesus.

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