Gamu Duve
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BornGamuchirai Duve
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Gamu Duve (full first name Gamuchirai) is a popular Zimbabwean actress. She is most known for acting in collaboration skits with Nigel Tha Slick Pastor, Patricia Putsai and Comic Pastor.

Acting Career

Gamu has said she was initially a model. One day, in 2012, while she was at Pakare Paye Arts Centre she was asked to fill in for an actress that had not come to work on a file called Kurauone, a Zimbabwe Culture Fund film. She said she really enjoyed it and that's how she got into acting.

She then featured on a number of ZBC productions as well as some independent films.

In 2018, she was introduced to Comic Pastor by Gonyeti. Comic Pastor asked her if they could work together and she agreed.


  • Kushata Kwemoyo
  • Zvanyadza
  • Muroora
  • Kurauone
  • Ngozi
  • Mwana WaMwari


She was nominated for a NAMA for her role in TV show Kushata Kwemoyo.

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Gamu Dube and Patricia behind the scenes interview

Gamu Dube and Patricia behind the scenes interview

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