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David Coltart Claims His Vehicle's Brakes Were Tampered With

11 months agoTue, 07 Mar 2023 08:11:10 GMT
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David Coltart Claims His Vehicle's Brakes Were Tampered With

A senior Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) official, David Coltart, alleges that unidentified people tampered with his car’s braking systems.

He also said in the past 23 years, the vehicles he has driven have been tempered with four times.

In a post on his Twitter page on Monday, Coltart, who was the Minister of Education in the Government of National Unity (GNU), said his mechanic informed him that there was no doubt the incident was an act of sabotage. Wrote Coltart:

Last week, I was advised by the mechanic who maintains that an attempt has been made to sabotage my vehicle.

As will appear from the attached affidavit statement made by him before local lawyer Brazhnev Mathonsi, the front left brake system of my vehicle has been interfered with since the vehicle was last serviced.

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As is stated, my mechanic is adamant that this was sabotage. He says it is impossible for that particular valve to come loose of its own accord and he personally checked the braking system the last time it was serviced.

Had I travelled in the car approximately another 100 to 200 kms the brake system would have totally failed with potentially devastating consequences for me and my family, including my grandchildren who routinely are driven in that car.

I have sought to protect the identity of the mechanic so that he is not affected by this statement. I am grateful to him for his diligence and professionalism.

This is now the fourth time in the last 23 years that vehicles I use have been tampered with. The first occurred to a Nissan vehicle in the early 2000s when the brake lines were cut.

The second occurred to the same vehicle a year later when the right inside tyre was deliberately burnt in a small area with the intention of causing it to burst.

The worst was in 2012 when some of the front left wheel nuts were loosened in the same car affected by this incident, and the entire front left wheel came off when I was driving the car with my wife and youngest daughter in the vehicle with me.

I of course have a good idea who is behind all of these attempts to cause me and my family harm.

It is part and parcel of a modus which has been used effectively against many people over decades.

However, what I need to convey to you all is that my overwhelmingly dominant emotion isn’t fear but gratitude.

In the first two acts of sabotage to my vehicle, I was saved by fortuitous sequences which revealed the sabotage.

In the 3rd event in 2012 the wheel came off at a point where I was travelling slowly; literally, if the wheel had come off 500 meters before or after a serious accident would have happened.

In other words in all three I was saved by the good Lord’s providence.

Exactly the same has happened in the latest incident. My vehicle was not due for a service for about another 500 kms and so the brakes would have failed well before the next service.

However, a warning light came on 10 days ago that my timing belt needed attention (something completely unconnected to the brake system).

I took the car to my mechanic and I asked him to attend to the timing belt – and said he may as well service it early!

Because he is so diligent he checked the brake system and discovered that someone had loosened the valve which channels brake fluid into the brake calliper.

In other words, providentially a warning light came up which then revealed this sinister act before it could do harm.

… Whilst I have of course taken this attempt as a stark reminder that there are people in Zimbabwe who wish me harm, and will act with more caution going forward, this incident has been a profound reminder to me and my family that the Lord is trustworthy and I have nothing to fear so long as He is the stronghold of my life.

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