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Catholic Priest Accused Of Abusing Church Funds

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Catholic Priest Accused Of Abusing Church Funds

A Masvingo-based Catholic priest has been accused of abusing funds from the church and Matibi Mission Hospital.

Health professionals at the Catholic-run Matibi Mission Hospital said that Father Maxwell Mabvuure, the hospital’s presiding priest, had refused to give an account for the funds.

They also charged him with interfering with hospital operations to obtain donations and results-based funds (RBF) intended for rural clinics.

The RBF programme is supported by the Health and Child Care ministry through the Transition Fund and Health Development Fund. A senior health worker who requested anonymity told NewsDay:

There is no transparency from church donations to RBF funds and people have been complaining about how priest Mabvuure is interfering with hospital workflows to divert funds to his personal use.

At one point, he was using a hospital ambulance (for personal business) before it was branded.

The Catholic priest denied charges of abusing church and hospital funds when contacted for comment. NewsDay quotes him as saying:

I cannot disclose figures that were received from donors, but the RBF funds come through channels and those funds never pass through my hands. There are people responsible for that.

This is not a government hospital. It’s owned by the Roman Catholic Church, so as a priest, I am just in charge just like any other priest at a Catholic mission school or hospital. I have my car which I use and I don’t see the reason why I should use hospital resources for my personal benefits.

It is not stated how much was abused. 

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