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One Million Zimbabwean Youths Aged 16-34 Do Not Have National IDs

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One Million Zimbabwean Youths Aged 16-34 Do Not Have National IDs

About one-fifth of Zimbabwean youths aged 16 to 34 do not have National Identity Documents (IDs).

According to Zimbabwe Statistical Agency (Zimstat) Director General, Taguma Mahonde, an estimated 21.1 percent, which translates to 951,994.653 of youths aged 16 to 34 from the 4,511,823 that were recorded during the 2022 population and housing census, do not have IDs.

Mahonde revealed this during the launch of the latest Vital Statics report Volume 1.

Health Times reported that the report aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the civil registration and vital statistics situation in Zimbabwe based on available data from the 2022 Population and Housing Census. Said Mahonde:

Of the 8,721,947 persons aged 16 and above, 87.9 percent were ever issued with IDs.

The proportion of the population aged 16 and above ever issued with IDs was 92.0 percent for urban areas compared to 84.9 percent for rural areas.

In urban areas, the proportion was 91.1 percent for females compared to 93.1 percent for males.

The total number of youths aged 16 to 34 was 4,511,823. Of these, 21.1 percent did not have IDs.

He said a total of 439,458 live births were recorded during the 12 months preceding the census night, of which 27.6 percent (120,542) were by women aged 20 to 24.

A total of 69,335 adolescent females aged 10 to 19 had live births 12 months preceding the census night.

The national sex ratio at birth was 103 males per 100 females.

A total of 120,070 deaths were recorded during the Census. Male deaths constituted 53.6 percent of the total deaths recorded during the census.

Throughout all age groups, males had higher mortality rates compared to females.

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