Lupane State University Probes 0% Pass Rates In Schools

9 months agoMon, 15 May 2023 17:39:24 GMT
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Lupane State University Probes 0% Pass Rates In Schools

The Government has engaged Lupane State University (LSU) to conduct research that will establish why some schools record zero percent pass rates.

Over the years, a number of schools across the country have been recording zero percent pass rates in public examinations.

Responding to questions in the Senate Question and Answer session last Thursday, Primary and Secondary Education Deputy Minister Edgar Moyo said:

The issue of zero percent pass rates in our schools is very much concerning. There are a number of variables.

We have carried out some research and investigations as to why there is that prevalence. The question really says, what are we doing about it?

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We are currently in partnership with LSU, with their Department of Education.

They have conducted research on the possible reasons and solutions to address that problem.

Some of the problems are beyond the capacity of schools to address and require a national effort especially when we look at the issue of infrastructure, resources at their disposal, and human resources, teachers for example.

Some of the schools have as few as three to four teachers running nine classes from Early Childhood Development (ECD) to Grade Seven. Then you have composite classes to that situation.

Honestly, the quality of education in that environment is seriously compromised. So, we need to have viable schools.

What do we mean by viable schools? We need schools with sufficient enrolments so as to attract a good number of teachers to teach each class of their own, but that is not happening because some schools have such low enrolments as 30 to 35 and so forth, particularly in the resettlement areas.

Moyo said the Government was working with development partners to ensure that schools have the resources. He said:

The schools are also receiving grants from our partners which we call School Improvement Grants (SIG) so that resources like books and other requisite equipment are procured for the benefit of those children.

Now, if a school is not viable as already illustrated, it means that the school is not registered and it cannot have a substantive head and we have a teacher-in-charge of that particular school.

The quality of education there becomes a problem.

We are trying to build infrastructure, register those schools, and attract sufficient teachers and students so that we can address the issue of zero percent pass rate.

Here are several things that parents and guardians can do to help ensure their child’s success in school:

  • Help your child develop an interest and curiosity in the subjects they are studying by exposing them to different books, educational games, and field trips.
  • Set aside time for homework, studying, and other extracurricular activities.
  • Communicate regularly with your child’s teachers so that you stay informed about their progress and any areas where they may be struggling.
  • Create a quiet, distraction-free environment where your child can concentrate on their studies.
  • Keep track of your child’s grades and assignments to make sure they are staying on track.

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