Mnangagwa Owns DCK Bakery, Charamba Explains Picture Of ED, Nyusi Munching Bread

4 months ago
Sat, 20 May 2023 12:48:45 GMT
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Mnangagwa Owns DCK Bakery, Charamba Explains Picture Of ED, Nyusi Munching Bread

President Emmerson Mnangagwa owns Douglas and Claris Kwande (DCK) Investments which operates a bakery and shops in the Midlands Province.

In August 2020, The Herald reported that DCK Investments, owned by Douglas Kwande, had a bakery with an installed capacity of producing 230 000 loaves daily and was targeting producing more than 400 000.

It has, however, emerged that President Mnangagwa is the owner of the bakery, and not Kwande as was reported.

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba, using one of his Twitter handles Tinoedza Zvimwe, said the DCK bakery is owned by President Mnangagwa.

In a post on Twitter accompanied by a picture of President Mnangagwa and his Mozambican counterpart eating DCK-branded bread, Charamba said:

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THIS PICTURE CRACKED ME: So, President Mnangagwa is going into value-addition at his farm. Typically, he has started with BREAD and MAIZE MEAL.

At yesterday’s outing with his Mozambican counterpart, President Nyusi, he opened a loaf from his bakery and gave President Nyusi so slices to try.

Before long, both leaders were munching dry bread!!! They had to call for lubricants by way of fizzy drinks.

Just the sight of two Presidents munching sliced bread, accompanied by cold drinks gave me an enormous kick!!!!!


In the Herald report cited above, Kwande claimed established players in the industry had launched a media onslaught against the business after he started using locally grown wheat and ingredients to produce bread. Kwande was quoted as saying:

In 2018 the President caught wind that we are making bread using local wheat. I was invited to explain to him how I was producing bread from local wheat.

I was then invited to Cabinet in 2019 to make a presentation on how we were making bread from local wheat.

That is when we attracted a great deal of media coverage. I have been in the industry for more than 20 years.

So, the majority of the products we sell in our retail outlets we produce them ourselves.

We have an installed capacity of producing 230 000 loaves and target producing 400 000 loaves a day.

It was also reported that Kwande is a holder of a Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Business Management from Midlands State University.

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