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Moyo's Suggestion Khupe Should Allow Mthuli Ncube To Win Cowdray Park Sparks Debate

1 year agoWed, 07 Jun 2023 05:19:16 GMT
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Moyo's Suggestion Khupe Should Allow Mthuli Ncube To Win Cowdray Park Sparks Debate

Political analysts have scoffed at suggestions by self-exiled former ZANU PF Politburo member Jonathan Moyo that CCC member Thokozani Khupe should withdraw from contesting Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube in Cowdray Park Constituency.

Khupe will most likely represent CCC in Cowdray Park but Moyo argued that Ncube, who is the ZANU PF candidate in the constituency in the 23 August elections, is “the best possible candidate for Cowdray Park and the region.” Posting on Twitter, Moyo said:

It is manifestly clear that Prof Ncube deserves support from everyone not only in Cowdray Park but also across the region, including and particularly from Dr Khupe. It is not an indictment of Dr Khupe but an acknowledgement of the objective reality on the ground in Cowdray Park and the region that there is really hardly much that she would be able to do differently or better now for either the constituency or the region which she has not been able to do since 2000, when she first went to Parliament.

However, speaking to CITE, political analyst, Bernard Magugu, said Moyo is biased in his analysis because he supports ZANU PF. Said Magugu:

Prof Moyo is an indirectly interested party because he supports ZANU, so would always speak on their side.

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The idea in Bulawayo, Matabeleland and Midlands provinces is to keep ZANU out of those provinces because ZANU has been a great impediment and albatross in the development of this country.

To allow ZANU to creep into power, there is a problem there. Khupe must assist to keep ZANU out of Cowdray Park.

Mthuli is keeping civil servants hungry by paying them in RTGS when he himself does not pay himself such.

Also speaking to CITE, another political commentator, Effie Ncube, said ZANU PF rule has brought suffering to the Matabeleland region. He said:

The vote for Zanu PF in Matabeleland North and Matabeleland South has not translated into development, freedom and justice either.

Needless to say, it is under the leadership of ZANU PF that Matabeleland is at the tail-end of development.

The poorest districts are in Matabeleland. Extreme hunger and poverty are highest in Matabeleland.

This is not a result of opposition politics but rather a product of misgovernance at national level.

That said, thinking and acting locally in order to influence nationally is a global trend.

Local interests must come first. Any politics that does not is useless politics.

A local activist, Mbuso Fuzwayo, told CITE that it was the ZANU PF-led Government that brought chaos to Cowdray Park through Operation Murambatsvina. Said Fuzwayo:

After causing chaos, they later handed it to the council. Mthuli, as the manager of the government purse, has failed to repair national roads.

The health sector is failing l don’t understand how he will develop a constituency that must be developed by the local authority.

Critical studies scholar, Khanyile Mlotshwa said he could follow what Moyo is trying to say but there is no evidence to suggest that Ncube will improve the area. He said:

What has he (Mthuli Ncube) achieved? At least Dr Khupe managed to have maternity fees waived at some point as Deputy Prime Minister. The women have not forgotten that.

On the other hand, another commentator, Patrick Ndlovu concurred with Moyo saying Khupe achieved nothing for Bulawayo since she went to Parliament over 20 years ago. He added:

It’s just a means of living for her and her family. Mthuli hasn’t been in Parliament as a representative before. He has shown that he has the financial muscle to do something for his constituency.

CCC is yet to announce its candidates for the general elections with only two weeks before the sitting of the Nomination Court and it has not yet been confirmed if Khupe will indeed represent the party in Cowdray Park. 

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