Mwonzora Formally Joining ZANU PF Won't Be A Shock - Davis Laque

4 months agoMon, 24 Jul 2023 10:55:39 GMT
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Mwonzora Formally Joining ZANU PF Won't Be A Shock - Davis Laque

Davis Laque, a political commentator has said it will not be a surprise if MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora formally joins ZANU PF after the 23 August 2023 general elections.

On Saturday, Mwonzora’s close ally and MDC-T spokesperson, Witness Dube, left the party and joined ZANU PF.

Laque believes Mwonzora’s rise to the MDC-T’s helm following the controversial pre-COVID-19 lockdown ruling by the Supreme Court on the party’s succession dispute was engineered by ZANU PF.

In a Twitter thread, Laque queried why those who joined the Mwonzora camp against then MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa are now joining ZANU PF. He wrote:

1. You just can’t script this. Many of us were ridiculed by some quarters, for correctly & consistently arguing that the Mwonzora-engineered conflict in the MDC-A had nothing to do with constitutionalism but was being remote-controlled straight from the Shake Shake building.

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2. We even argued that those judgments about “2014 structures” njani-njani, had nothing to do with ensuring a party adhered to its internal processes. These were all gimmicks, deliberately created to keep the Opposition internally focused while being systematically captured.

3. Were we not made to believe that the MDC needed to resolve its succession through Congresses? Why then have those who pursued this rouse spectacularly failed to co-exist? Why are these “constitutionalists & real founders of MDC” now joining Mr Mnangagwa’s ZanuPF faction?

4. Were we not told that exposing Zanu-PF’s underhand in MDC’s infighting was a convenient weapon of choice by different factions?

How does one explain how these individuals have now started joining Zanu-PF in droves? Truth is, the Mwonzora MDC was Mnangagwa’s judicial construct.

5. And no, the political woes affecting Mukoma now are not because Zanu-PF wants to punish MDC. Punish it why?

Mukoma’s faction has never had a political life of its own. Zanu-PF has now simply disconnected it from its life support because the MDC now serves no political purpose.

6. And no, this is bigger than stomach politics. Most of these people were actual moles who served an intelligence gathering purpose for years, even under Dr Tsvangirai, and are now being used for political optics and propaganda.

The boys and girls remain very much at work.

7. I remember asking Adv Chamisa when the split became a reality:

“…what are the odds of ever closing ranks with these erstwhile colleagues?”

He said: “…my brother, no one was pushed out. They chose to do what they were doing. Sadly, reunification may become re-infection.”

8. I can imagine that some of these characters actually made overtures to be welcomed into the CCC.

I’ve no such evidence, nor have I sought it. It’s just a hunch.

I, however, maintain that some have attempted to re-infect the alternative, now the CCC, without success.

9. And yes, by forming CCC, Opp politics may have been given a shot at renewal & taking a new course altogether, which would’ve potentially been difficult under MDC.

Whereas some moles may exist still inside CCC, one may argue MDC’s infection by Lacoste gave the Opp new life.

10. At this pace, I won’t be surprised if Mukoma (Douglas Mwonzora0 himself formally joins Zanu-PF

He certainly won’t ever recover post-August 23rd

In fact, what we are WITNESSing now with his confidantes joining Zanu-PF may very well be him saying to them, “..tungamira tinosangana ikoko”.

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