Zimbabwe Police Boat Sinks In Lake Kariba, Leaving Crew In Life-Threatening Situation

8 months agoSat, 23 Sep 2023 06:18:24 GMT
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Zimbabwe Police Boat Sinks In Lake Kariba, Leaving Crew In Life-Threatening Situation

A Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) boat sank in Lake Kariba, leading to a distressing situation where the crew fought for their lives in one of Africa’s largest man-made reservoirs.

Although specific details of the accident were not yet available, a widely circulated video depicted police officers desperately calling for help while rescue boats rushed to reach them.

Captain Adan Nyekete of the Department of Waters and Inland Lake confirmed the incident, stating that the boat was undergoing a test run when it capsized. Water entered through the bottom, causing the vessel to sink. Nyekete said:

We have received reports of the boat which capsized in Lake Kariba. The said the boat was on a test run when the accident happened when water entered through its bottom and the vessel started sinking.

This incident has deeply shaken the Kariba community, especially considering a recent boat accident near the Nyaodza fishing camp that resulted in the loss of four lives.

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In response to these tragedies, stakeholders are demanding a thorough review of maintenance protocols and safety equipment provisions for boats in Kariba. Concerns have grown surrounding the safety standards of water vessels in the region, prompting calls for improved safety measures.

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