Dethroned Chief Ndiweni Wins £39 000 Through Postcode Lottery

5 months agoMon, 25 Dec 2023 06:15:51 GMT
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Dethroned Chief Ndiweni Wins £39 000 Through Postcode Lottery

United Kingdom-based dethroned chief, Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni, won £39 000 through the Postcode Lottery last week.

Ndiweni told CITE that the win came as a surprise to him as he had never played it before and was not expecting to win. He said:

In the UK we have the National Lottery just like any other country. So you buy a ticket and then you check whether they draw your number on that particular date. The one that I entered is the People’s Postcode Lottery. I had never played it before.

This particular lottery was designed to help the community. So when you play it, you write down your address and you register with them.

You then write down your postcode on the ticket. These tickets are drawn out almost daily.

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They may either draw out just your Postcode or several postcodes around your area.

From there that is when they will choose and select to say you have won so many tickets.

As someone who had never played the lottery before, I purchased one ticket for 40 pence.

I didn’t even know how to do it or how to play it. I later received a letter informing me that I had won the Lottery in my area.

The dethroned traditional leader said at first, he didn’t believe he had won the lottery but thought the whole thing was a scam. He said:

I was quite sceptical at first. As I went through the document, I came across a part that required me to send my bank details.

I said to myself, no, this is a scam! I just put the letter aside and forgot about it. It was only after I had gone out to buy groceries that I came across a truck from Postcode Lottery announcing that all those who had won were supposed to report to a certain school to claim their money.

It was only then that I went back home and took that letter and took it to the said school. When I got there they told me that I had played three tickets and the least that one would win for each ticket would be £3 000.

I thought to myself that maybe I had won £9 000 from the three tickets I had played but God had smiled at me and I had won £39 915. I was so elated.

He said the money raised by the Postcode lottery is used to help local schools, clinics and other local projects through various community development projects.

The Postcode Lottery in the United Kingdom is a popular lottery game where participants enter with their postcode.
Each week, a winning postcode is randomly drawn, and the prize is shared among the individuals living in that specific postcode area.

The prize money can vary and may include cash rewards, cars, vacations, and more.

However, playing the lottery is risky as the odds of winning are usually extremely low, which means one is more likely to lose the money they spend on tickets.

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