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Woman Pulls Attacker's Manhood To Avoid Being Raped

6 months agoMon, 25 Dec 2023 10:53:12 GMT
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Woman Pulls Attacker's Manhood To Avoid Being Raped

A Plumtree woman reportedly escaped from being raped by pulling the attacker’s manhood and screaming.

Bulawayo24 reported that the accused person, Khulekani Maphosa(23), appeared before Magistrate Joshua Nembaware at the Plumtree Magistrates Courts on Thursday.

Maphosa was remanded in custody to 03 January 2024 and advised to apply for Bail at the High Court.

The state led by Voster Makuwerere alleged on 03 December 2023, the accused came to the complainant’s house wearing a yellow t-shirt only.

It is further alleged that the accused saw the complainant coming from a bath and upon arrival, he held the complainant’s shoulder and tried to push her down.

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The complainant pulled Maphosa’s manhood and he bit the complainant’s thigh.

The complainant screamed for help and neighbours came out to her rescue but Mphosa escaped.

A police report was filed leading to his arrest.

The HealthyPlace has shared several tips on how women can prevent rape:

  • Listen to your intuition when alone – Stay aware of your surroundings, avoid isolated public areas, walk with determination even if you’re lost, trust your gut, keep your cell phone charged and with you, avoid going somewhere alone with a person you don’t know well, don’t use music headphones when walking alone.
  • Reduce risk in social situations – Go to parties and social events with a group of friends and stay with the group. Do not leave your drink unattended. Do not accept drinks from a stranger or someone you just met.
  • Don’t reveal too much on social media.

According to a report, a U.S. study of 1.5 million rape convictions over a decade found that women who fought back tripled their chances of escape.

Scott Lindquist, author of The Date Rape Prevention Book tells women to defend themselves, saying they should “outsmart” their attacker, to “take a risk and fight him off”, and to “trust your instincts – if one tactic isn’t working, try another”.

Some women when attacked by strangers, resist by screaming, fighting and biting, running away, refusing to cooperate, pretending they were pregnant or had Aids and attempting to reason.

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