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Poetess Nicca Kats Hosts "Lustful Whispers" Poetry Event In Harare

1 week agoMon, 08 Jul 2024 14:43:43 GMT
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Poetess Nicca Kats Hosts "Lustful Whispers" Poetry Event In Harare

Monica “Nicca Kats” Katsiga, a poetess and organizer, recently hosted a lively poetry show dubbed “Lustful Whisper” at the Jasen Mphepo Little Theatre.

The event featured a fusion of poetry, comedy, and music, with performers such as Priv, The Boy, Nicca, Mwana waGidza, and Great Chuma.

Katsiga, also known as Nicca Kats, shared her inspiration for creating the “Lustful Whispers” event in
an interview with journalist Shingirai Manyengavana.

She explained that she writes a lot of erotic poetry, but has never had the opportunity to perform it for a live audience, as most people perceive it as unacceptable.

She felt the need to create a platform for herself and others who write similar types of poetry but lack the opportunity to showcase their work due to societal judgment.

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When it came to selecting the performers for the event, Katsiga shared that it was a straightforward process. She engaged with people to gauge their interest and chose seven artists who had erotic poetry sets.

Katsiga highlighted that events like “Lustful Whispers” play a vital role in the Harare arts and culture scene. She noted that people are tired of the usual themes and are seeking more fun and engaging experiences.

The event was designed to cater to this demand and provide a platform for a different type of artistic expression.

Katsiga expressed that she has something bigger planned for the future. Her goal is to continue creating platforms that support the local arts community and provide opportunities for artists to showcase their work, particularly those who explore unconventional or underrepresented themes.

Priviledge Manyandure known as Priv, who was part of the performing lineup expressed that performing at “Lustful Whispers” was meaningful because it provided a platform to share this kind of intimate, unconventional work.

She further highlighted that events like this play a vital role in creating space for artists to authentically express themselves, without societal judgment and she was grateful to have had the opportunity to connect with the audience in that way.

Joash T Makwenje, who attended the event, shared that while he wasn’t particularly interested in poetry beforehand, he ended up thoroughly enjoying the performances. He especially highlighted the act by Mwana waGidza, which he thought was excellent.

Story contributed by Shingirai Manyengavana

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