Abhero Mhoro

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Abhero Mhoro which loosely translated means Hi Abel is a Zimbabwean meme that trended in May 2021 after an audio clip of an elderly woman went viral across social media platforms.

In the clip, the elderly woman warns Abhero, which is the bastardization of the name Abel, not to engage in extramarital intercourse. The nature of the relationship between the elderly woman and Abhero is not clear.

Judging from the language that was used in the video a section of Zimbabweans said the elderly woman was Abhero's grandmother or Tete whilst some have argued she is Abhero's mother.

The identity of the elderly woman in the audio was never established as well as who Abhero really is.

The audio clip was used in a number of Tik Tok videos. It was even made into an Amapiano song by DJ Pressure.

Amapiano Song

Abhero Mhoro - (Clean Edit) [Official Audio]

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