Air Rhodesia Flight 827

Viscount Hunyani Air Rhodesia Flight 827

Air Rhodesia Flight 827 was a scheduled flight carrying 54 passengers and 5 crew members that was shot down on 12 February 1979 shortly after departing Kariba. The plane was hit in the jet pipe of the inner port engine by a SAM-7 missile launched by the soldiers from Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe People's Revolution Army (ZIPRA). The plane burst into flames and crashed out of control into a ravine in the Vuti African Purchase Area. All 59 people on the plane died.[1] The plane crash is the country's worst-ever by number of fatalities. Read more about it here

ZIPRA was also responsible for shooting down an Air Rhodesia Viscount on 3 September 1978. The crash site of Flight 827 was only about 50 kilometres north-east of the spot where the sister Viscount, the Hunyani, came down.

13 January 2021

On 13 January 2021, a single-engine Cessna plane crash-landed in the Luunga area of Binga.

The plane, registration number ZSIZG a C210, left Kariba Airport before its engine ceased mid-air at Chibuyu in the Luunga area of Binga under chief Sinakatenge about 180km from Binga. The plane was headed for Sijarira Forests on the South Western shores of Lake Kariba.

The four people on board were fortunate to be alive. They were rescued and transported to a camp in Sengwa for first aid before they were ferried by a boat to Rhino Camp and later transferred to a health facility in Kariba.[2]


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