Albert Ndabambi

Albert Ndabambi also known as Chief Albert or Baba Luwa on social media, is a Zimbabwean businessman and former City of Harare official. He was friends with the late businessman Ginimbi.


He is married to Marcia.[1]


Ndabambi has a son named Albert Ndabambi Junior with Irene Daka.[2]

Businesses and Net Worth

While Albert Ndabambi's net worth is unknown he is the owner of Furbank Trading.[3] In 2020 he bought his wife two Range Rovers for his wife as birthday presents.[1]


According to his LinkedIn profile, Chief Albert learnt at Lundi Christian High before he proceeded to Africa University from 2013 to 2016.[3]


He was the head of marketing for Harare City FC.[4]

Social Media & Contacts


  • Bribing journalist to remove "damaging" story from website

Ndabambi paid a journalist Nelson D Masiyiwa, alias Goldstein to remove an article he had published on his website and Twitter account. The article alleged that Ndabambi had been awarded a multi-million dollar tender to supply Covid-19 material without following due processes.[5]

Ndabambi agreed to pay Masiyiwa US$1,300 to have the article removed from the website and on Twitter. He sent his friend with US$1 000, but Masiyiwa reposted the same story and demanded the outstanding US$300.

Ndabambi felt his reputation was being damaged and made a police report. On September 18, 2020, Masiyiwa went to Belvedere to collect the US$300 and upon arrival, he was handed the money and immediately arrested by detectives with a trap authority and the trap money was allegedly recovered.

After his arrest, Masiyiwa allegedly went on to send a text message threatening to harm Mr Ndabambi if he did not agree to settle the matter out of court.[6]

  • Son's Alleged Kidnapping

In 2018, Irene Daka, who is the mother of Ndabambi's son Albert Jr, allegedly disappeared with their who was four at the time and was on autism therapy. In response, Ndabambi reported the matter to the police and offered a US$10 000 reward to anyone who might know the whereabouts of Daka and his son.

Irene was in contempt of court having custody of the child as the court had ruled that she should only have access to the child during daylight hours.[2]

  • Hotel Fracas With Three Women

In September 2015, Ndabambi beat three women he had invited to his booked executive hotel room in Bulawayo for allegedly trying to steal from him.

Narrating the fracas, Ndabambi said the source of his anger was that he had invited the three girls, namely Belinda Nkiwane, Mary Nyoni and one identified only as Sasha, to have drinks in his suite but he said they decide to steal from him. He told B-Metro:

I considered her my friend (Nkiwane), she came to my hotel room with her friends. I was tired so I went to the bedroom and slept. After an hour they (three girls) came to my side of the room and I heard them open the door thinking that I was sleeping. They asked each other where I hide my money. They then took my car keys, went to check in the car where they found nothing. When they came back, they discovered that I had money in my wallet. I told them to give me my wallet back and chased them away.

Ndabambi opened a case against the girls which led to them spending the rest of the night in custody.

However, because he feared it would blow out of proportion he withdrew the case. He said that he did not sleep with any of the girls.[7]


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