Alicia Adams

Alichia Adams was a popular Mozambican model and social media influencer who died in the tragic accident that claimed the life of popular Zimbabwean socialite Genius Kadungure popularly known as Ginimbi, Zimbabwean fitness bunny Moana and sought after Malawian fugitive Limumba Karim Cazal on 8 November 2020 in Harare, Zimbabwe.[1]


The young model was one of the passengers who lost her life to an accident together with Moana and Ginimbi. It is believed that Alicia Adams was Moana's friend.


She died after a high-speed car crash in Harare along Borrowdale Road in the early hours of 8 November 2020 after their car burst into flames after the crash. Alicia Adams, Limumba Karim Cazal and Moana were trapped and burnt to death in Ginimbi's fancy Rolls Royce.

Remains of the Rolls Royce

DNA Tests

It’s not clear if Alicia Adams’ body has been repatriated yet, as there were reports that DNA tests had to be carried out to confirm if it was her body indeed. They were burnt beyond recognition so the fact that there were two ladies in the car they could not tell which body was Moana's and that which was Alicia's.

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