Alois Bunjira is among some of the most celebrated midfielders to have played for CAPS United Football Club in the domestic league and also for the Zimbabwe National Soccer Team.

Alois Bunjira
Alois Bunjira
Born Alois Bunjira
March 25, 1975
Nationality Zimbabwe
Education Prince Edward High School
  • Footballer, Soccer Analyst.



Bunjira was born on March 29, 1975.[1]


Bunjira attended Price Edward School in Harare.




Bunjira started playing organised football while playing for teams such as Black Wolves and Hotspurs where he met Stewart Murisa who also had a colourful football career with CAPS United Football Club as well as Dynamos Football Club. He is said to have been a very prolific footballer who made headlines when he was drafted into the national side when he was just aged 17.[1] and would attend training sessions for the national team clad in his Prince Edward school uniform. He also featured for Chitungwiza Youth Stars and Black Rhinos under 14 team before making a move to Darryn Textiles popularly known as Darryn T. It was at Darryn T that he met other Zimbabwean footballing legends such as Norman Mapeza, Lloyd Chitembwe and Gift Muzadzi.[1] He played his first game for Darryn T when he was doing his upper six, he scored a spectacular goal helping his team defeat Makepekepe. With the crumbling of Darryn T, Bunjira would go on to join Blackpool where he reunited with old mate, Stuart Shuto Murisa before joining Caps in January 1996. In his first year at Caps Bunjira scored 59 goals.

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Bunjira also had a successful career in the South African League turning out for Free stars between 1999 and 2002, scoring twenty goals in the process. He also played for Wits University before capping his illustrious career at Jomo Cosmos due to a nagging knee injury.

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