Ammara Brown Albums and Songs

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Ammartia launch Poster

List of Ammara Brown's Songs and Albums

Ammartia (November 2017)

Ammartia is Ammara Brown's first album and it was launched on 10 November 2017. It has songs that Ammara Brown worked on in her career the previous years, including new hit songs like Akiliz.

  1. Ammartia Intro, Produced by Simba Tagz
  2. Da Nile, Produced by Simba Tagz
  3. Havarare (Remix), Produced by Chiweddar
  4. Mukoko feat. Tytan, Produced by Jusa Dementor
  5. Tawina feat. Hugh Masekela, Produced Mr. Kamera
  6. Wachu Want feat. Chengeto, Produced by Oskid
  7. Akiliz, Produced by Dj Tamuka & Take fizzo
  8. Sey No feat. Nutty O, Produced by Chiweddar
  9. Crystal Blue Moon, Produced by Dj Tamuka & Roki
  10. Khameels Kick, Produced by Chiweddar & Roki
  11. Next Lifetime feat. Hugh Masekela, Produced by Simba Moyo
  12. Ode To Mama, Produced by Simba Moyo
  13. Glow in the Dark, Produced by Ammara Brown & Chiweddar
  14. Ammartia Outro, Produced by Simba Tagz & Chiweddar

Other Songs & Collaborations

  1. Night of the Queen
  2. More Sugar Daddy
  3. Kure Kure (collaboration with Jah Prayzah)
  4. Mafaro (Ft Andy Brown)
  5. Hotta (Ft Naked DJ)
  6. I release you
  7. Ndichakusuwa
  8. Hustlers Yoga (ft Tehn Diamond)
  9. Crucify Me
  10. Havarare


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